My first book review for Silken Sheets and Seduction…. go take a look 🙂

Silken Sheets & Seduction



Overall rating – 5 silken sheets

silkensheetssymbolsmall silkensheetssymbolsmall silkensheetssymbolsmall silkensheetssymbolsmall silkensheetssymbolsmall

“Don’t think about it. Just breathe.”

I was all set to read a light’n’fluffy sexy comedy, but I craved something darker, more gritty. More angsty. I read a friend’s review of The Island and I was hooked.

Shaw is a man of dubious morality, trying to swing a major deal with Vornis, a high ranking drug lord. He’s worked for years for this opportunity and finally gets a chance to meet Vornis on his tropical island, to do the deal of his lifetime. A stolen Cezanne that he’s selling for $95 million.

cezanne-boy-in-the-red-vestShaw had made a career out of morally reprehensible dealings, but he didn’t usually have his nose rubbed in them. Shaw liked to pretend he was a gentleman. It felt so much more civilised when he could pretend Vornis was a gentleman too.

All is going well until…

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