12 Reasons To Travel With Your Partner (plus GIVEAWAY)

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Despite it being summer, it’s wet and miserable weather right now. Not unlike a British Christmas.  Is it any wonder my mind is thinking about getaways? I’m delighted to welcome Jason Biondo to my blog today, to put us firmly in a holiday mood 🙂


12 Reasons To Travel With Your Partner

Travelling is, as far as I’m concerned, truly one of the best, coolest and most awesome things you can do with your loved one together. Although solo travel is rewarding, inspiring and empowering, an escapade with your special someone can create sweet and blissful memories that you’ll cherish for years to come. Furthermore, it’s intrinsically romantic and stimulating in ways that your life at home can never be. Honestly, a week away from home with your other half is a lot more enriching and meaningful than a month’s worth of shopping, Netflix movies and candle-lit dining.

Looking for a good reason to travel with your partner? Here are a few reasons why travelling together is an absolute must for every couple.

It improves intimacy

Did you know that partners who often travel together have more intimate sex lives than folks who don’t? A survey in 2013 conducted by the USA Travel Association suggested than a trip with your loved one is more likely to create a sense of romance than any glamorous present. In addition, the survey stated that over 70 percent of those who travel with their consort admitted that they have an intimate, happy and good sex life.

41556082_sIt strengthens your relationship

As you travel together with your partner, you’ll get to face a myriad of obstacles and challenges along the way. But guess what? These challenges can help strengthen your relationship as a couple. Whether you’re exploring the beautiful landscapes of Anglesey, Wales or getting lost in a buzzing metropolis like New York, the experiences you get as a couple in your travel provide plenty of opportunities for relationship growth.

Forge sweet and unforgettable moments

You will be writing history together as well as create amazing moments and adventures that you’ll always look back with humour and affection.

Home is where the heart is

Travelling to a far-off place? No matter where you’re going, home won’t feel far away when you have the person you love and care the most by your side.

Couples who often travel are happier

There have been of studies that show people who spend more on experiences rather than materials things are much more joyful and happier. The same is also true for relationships. Unlike your latest gadgets and smartphones, the memories from your travel experiences together will last for a lifetime, and will definitely bring you bliss.

It’s a bit more economical than solo travel

Travelling with your partner or a group is a more economical alternative to solo travel since you’ll be sharing the costs of your accommodations, taxi fares, meals and activities.

He/she is there to lighten you up in sour times

25506753_sLet’s face it, travelling isn’t as sunny and smooth-sailing as most postcards and travel agencies would like you to think. There are a lot of unforeseen events and horrible situations that you might face when travelling, such as delayed flights, missed rides, lost reservations, stolen bags and street food. But as you travel with your partner, you’ll have someone by your side who’ll ease the situation and lighten things up.

It’s simply romantic

When it comes to travelling and vacation, there’s nothing more romantic than a trip for two. Though travelling with a gang can be a very fun, it is nothing compared to relaxing in a scenic place with someone you love and adore.

Long rides won’t be boring

Long-haul flights and bus rides are more entertaining when you have your favourite person sitting beside you. To be honest, talking and cuddling with your partner is far better than playing Candy Crush or any game on your smartphone.

It brings out the true character of your partner

Are you in the dating stage and you are feeling like your relationship is getting serious? Then, make sure to book a trip with your partner before committing. In many ways, travelling can take your partner a step away from his or her comfort zone, which in turn will allow you to discover some of the negative and positive traits of your partner. Plus, the combination of exhausting globetrotting and culture shock can bring out the hidden flaws of your partner’s character.

9577469_sSurprising discoveries

There could be a ton of surprising and fun discoveries that can happen when you travel with your loved one. Who knows? Your partner may speak conversational French or be well-versed in Icelandic folklore.

New experiences

As a couple, can you remember the last time you tried or did something new? When you’re travelling with your loved one, you’ll have a ton of chances to try something that you have never experienced before.  From bike ziplines to romantic oceanfront dinners, there are countless of amorous and exciting travel experiences that await you and your loved one.

So, what are you waiting for? Open your travel planner now, and see experience the beauty, charms and eccentricities of the world with your partner!


Author bio:

Jason Biondo is a travel junkie and an amateur bodybuilder who loves to share insightful tips to his fellow travelers and fitness enthusiasts. He is also a User Interface Developer Consultant and the founder of Trekeffect.


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Where’s the most exotic place you’ve travelled with your partner? Was it a success? A disaster? Tell us your travel stories and go into a draw to win any ebook from my backlist.


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