A New Look for Old Favourites * and a GIVEAWAY *

Silken Sheets & Seduction


Have you met the Snowdonia Wolves yet?

The first two books in the series have just been re-released with GORGEOUS new covers, and are at the bargain price of $0.99 each for a limited time.

Wolf at the Door

Love can heal all wounds…

Wolf_at_the_Door_Cover_for_KindlePop star Lillian Hart is determined never to trust another man. She has no idea that the wolf at her door is anything other than a wounded dog, much less the Alpha of the Snowdonia Wolf pack. There’s something about the wild creature that pulls at her. Then a man with her wolf’s eyes starts to invade her dreams, and reality and fantasy merge in a way that has her hoping, against all odds, for dreams to come true.

Lillian may have sworn off men, but Jake’s not just any man, he’s a shifter, and he’s about to shift Lillian’s world to make room for him…

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