Lockdown Larder – Day 21

Quick-Pickled Red Cabbage – and a crème caramel


We had leftover hotpot for dinner, and this time, with some pickled red cabbage. I always thought this needed weeks to mature before eating, but I found a recipe that promised otherwise – and I had most of the ingredients. #Winning

After shredding a colander-full of red cabbage, I made the pickling liquor, which actually smelled amazing. Cider vinegar, red wine, sugar and spices… they made a ruby-red liquor that bubbled on the stock like something out of a witch’s cauldron. I ended up with a jar of pickle, which will keep in the fridge for up to a month. The end result was sweeter and less vinegary than I expected, but still good. I have plenty of cabbage left, and so the next batch I make, I’ll reduce the sugar content.

Check here for the recipe: https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/pickled-red-cabbage

I was surprised to find we have plenty of milk in the fridge, and since we have more groceries arriving in two days time, I decided to use some in an old-fashioned dessert – crème caramel.


My recipe comes from another much-loved – and even more battered – book, the Paupers Cookbook by Jocasta Innes, but it’s also on the BBC Goodfood website: https://www.bbc.co.uk/food/recipes/classic_crme_caramel_44792


I chose to make a single bowl of caramel, rather than individual ones, but the recipe is the same.


New Zealand is under Lockdown for at least four weeks. This blog intends to avoid the bad news about rising numbers of victims. It focuses instead on food, and the challenges of cooking fresh meals every day – with the ingredients from my larder. A much nicer message 😊



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