Lockdown Larder – Day 26 (Monday)

Brunch for dinner? Best laid plans etc etc


Dinner tonight was an adaptation of a brunch dish I’ve eaten in a café. Chunks of sausage, fried up with chopped capsicums, and potatoes, with a poached egg on top, and a jug of Hollandaise sauce on the side.

The sausages in the fridge turned out to be frankfurters, which was fine, but it meant they were a little tasteless. Normally I’d use a chorizo or similar. I compensated with a generous sprinkling of both dried mixed herbs and chilli flakes.


And the poached eggs were a disaster. Don’t ask what happened. * shudders *

I ended up quickly frying some eggs instead, which gave a different texture, more suited to ketchup than the Hollandaise I’d already warmed up. Eh, it was food, and used up items in the fridge, which meant I felt thrifty 😊


The day’s culinary exploits weren’t a complete write-off, though. I made a HUGE batch of ANZAC cookies. These are based around oats, and I added raisins and cranberries, so the end result was like an oat and raisin / cranberry cookie. Sweet, chewy, and rather delicious.

I also added some white chocolate chips to half the batch, and that was a nice addition.

See below for recipe.



Today we got the news that in a week’s time, we’ll drop down to Level 3 of Lockdown, for a minimum of 2 weeks, which means that some more businesses will be able to start again. We eagerly await news of our favourite local takeaways 😊


New Zealand is under Lockdown for at least four weeks. This blog intends to avoid the bad news about rising numbers of victims. It focuses instead on food, and the challenges of cooking fresh meals every day – with the ingredients from my larder. A much nicer message 😊



Tina’s ANZAC Cookies

Mix 2 cups flour, 2tsp baking powder, 2 cups coconut, 2 cups sugar and 1.5 cups oats in a bowl.

Place 1 tsp cinnamon and 1tsp ginger in dry ingredients.

Melt 250g butter and 2 tbsp golden syrup.

Dissolve 2 tsp baking soda in 4 tbsp hot water.

Stir melted butter and golden syrup into dry ingredients along with the water and baking soda.

Mix well, then place spoonfuls on greased baking sheets and bake for 10-15 mins until golden at 180 degrees.

** I substituted raisins and cranberries for the coconut, and used half white / half brown sugar **

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