Lockdown Larder – Day 25 (Sunday)

Bacon-wrapped cream-cheese-stuffed chicken breast


This was based on several recipes Iā€™d seen online, adapted to the ingredients in my fridge. Starting point was 3 x large chicken breasts, a pack of streaky bacon, and a packet of locally made cream cheese with chilli flakes and garlic.


I slit the breast pieces open, as though butterflying them, but not all the way through. The idea was to make a large pocket for the cheese stuffing. Then I chopped up the cream cheese and split it between all the chicken, cramming it in. So far, so good. Wrapping them in bacon was a delicate operation, without the cheese falling out, but they looked neat enough when done.



The final piece was a sprinkling of lemon-pepper on top, and then they went into a hot oven (on a wire rack) for around 45 minutes. At the same time I roasted some small, skin-on potatoes, and then quickly cooked some green beans and carrot batons to serve it with.


Sadly, most of the cream cheese escaped, and melted in the bottom of the baking tray, mixed with chicken juices and fat from the bacon. * cries * It left behind a hint of chilli and garlic, but that was all. However, the bacon wrapping ensured that the meat was moist and tender, so that was a win šŸ˜Š


I finished off the small bag of Lindt Lindor truffles tonight. They were good.


New Zealand is under Lockdown for at least four weeks. This blog intends to avoid the bad news about rising numbers of victims. It focuses instead on food, and the challenges of cooking fresh meals every day ā€“ with the ingredients from my larder. A much nicer message šŸ˜Š


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