Lockdown Larder – Day 37

We wanted fish and chips… this was as close as we could manage!   Friday night used to be end-of-the-week-takeaway-night. Sometime fish n chips, or a kebab, or pizza. Not these days, though. Not yet. However, we had fish fingers in the freezer. And potatoes. We ended up with potato wedges (again!), drenched in lemon-pepper, … Continue reading Lockdown Larder – Day 37

Lockdown Larder – Day 24 (Saturday)

Quick fish ‘n’ chips ‘n’ mushy peas   I spent the afternoon on Zoom with friends, and even though I’d earlier retrieved some chicken fillets from the freezer, I wanted a simple, no-fuss dinner. Frozen hoki fillets in a lemon-pepper crumb were perfect. I did home-made chips, and warmed a can of mushy peas to … Continue reading Lockdown Larder – Day 24 (Saturday)

Lockdown Larder – Day 11

Instant fish ‘n’ chips The firewood arrived this morning. This meant that today was exhausting. Tidying the garage and making space. Stacking the firewood in two separate piles (two different wood types), separating the kindling and sticks, and then sweeping everything afterward. Then when it was all done, we had to set off a bug-bomb, … Continue reading Lockdown Larder – Day 11