Lockdown Larder – Day 39 (Sunday)

Comfort Food   We had a storm blowing through, in a succession of downpours, and we didn’t see the sun all day. For whatever reason, I felt grey and gloomy to match the weather. Comfort food was required. The kind of meal that doesn’t need accompaniment, and will still be delicious for leftovers the day … Continue reading Lockdown Larder – Day 39 (Sunday)

Lockdown Larder – Day 29

Chilli & nachos & YOWZA chili-cornbread (SPICY)   Nothing fancy tonight, just a huge pan of chilli, a tray of nachos – and a small loaf of chili-cornbread. The cornbread was the adventurous part of the meal. Last time I made it, hubs called it chilli-cake, because it was the texture of a heavy sponge … Continue reading Lockdown Larder – Day 29

Lockdown Larder – Day 14

Kinda Mexican Wednesday Enchiladas and nachos – an unusual, but good combo. I’d been working on financial planning spreadsheets most of the day, and wanted something simple to make for dinner. I had a little fresh minced beef left from burger night, not enough to make a pan of chilli, but enough to act as … Continue reading Lockdown Larder – Day 14

Lockdown Larder – Day 12

Best-Ever (Smashed) Burgers After making these crispy, tasty little gems, I won’t ever go back to making ‘normal’ burgers. What’s different about a smashed burger, I hear you ask? Everything! The patties are smaller, and thinner. As thin as you can get. No flavouring, no binding ingredients – just good quality minced beef. They’re cooked … Continue reading Lockdown Larder – Day 12

Lockdown Larder – Day 9

Minced Beef Curry (Keema Matar)   This was probably the first authentic Indian meal I cooked, after borrowing a Madhur Jaffrey cookery book from the library. I can’t find my original recipe now, but there are as many variants on the internet as there are chicken tikka recipes. I tweak it to whatever spices I … Continue reading Lockdown Larder – Day 9