Lockdown Larder – Day 13

Toad in the Hole – and the arrival of the veg box The veg box arrived today. $20 plus delivery, for two enormous bags of fresh locally-grown veg, and a huge red cabbage, the size of a football. In addition to the cabbage was: a giant bok choy, a whole cos lettuce, an iceberg lettuce, … Continue reading Lockdown Larder – Day 13

Lockdown Larder – Day 12

Best-Ever (Smashed) Burgers After making these crispy, tasty little gems, I won’t ever go back to making ‘normal’ burgers. What’s different about a smashed burger, I hear you ask? Everything! The patties are smaller, and thinner. As thin as you can get. No flavouring, no binding ingredients – just good quality minced beef. They’re cooked … Continue reading Lockdown Larder – Day 12

Lockdown Larder – Day 11

Instant fish ‘n’ chips The firewood arrived this morning. This meant that today was exhausting. Tidying the garage and making space. Stacking the firewood in two separate piles (two different wood types), separating the kindling and sticks, and then sweeping everything afterward. Then when it was all done, we had to set off a bug-bomb, … Continue reading Lockdown Larder – Day 11

Lockdown Larder – Day 10

Something like a chicken doner… We are missing the local Turkish takeaway shop, and so decided to try and recreate a chicken doner kebab. I found a recipe that looked good, and we investigated the larder and freezer. Okay, so we don’t have everything we need, but we can make something doner-like. I had almost … Continue reading Lockdown Larder – Day 10

Lockdown Larder – Day 9

Minced Beef Curry (Keema Matar)   This was probably the first authentic Indian meal I cooked, after borrowing a Madhur Jaffrey cookery book from the library. I can’t find my original recipe now, but there are as many variants on the internet as there are chicken tikka recipes. I tweak it to whatever spices I … Continue reading Lockdown Larder – Day 9

Lockdown Larder – day 8

Chicken stir fry – with a nod to Jamie Oliver I took a pack of three enormous chicken breasts from the freezer this morning, with the idea of wrapping them in bacon and roasting for dinner. However, by 5pm they were still largely frozen, and there were few other options that could be rustled up … Continue reading Lockdown Larder – day 8

Lockdown Larder – day 7

Seriously, The Best Broccoli of Your Life! It was steak pie night. A family-sized steak and gravy pie bought before lockdown, and frozen. Creamy, mashed potatoes on the side, and a chance to use up the tired head of broccoli in the fridge. I usually break it into florets and steam over the cooking potatoes, … Continue reading Lockdown Larder – day 7

Lockdown Larder – Day 6

Day 6 – Tuesday 31 March - a taste of home After several days of rich food (and leftover no-pasta lasagne for lunch!) I wanted something simple for dinner. I fell back on an old favourite, a comfort-food. It’s a healthy variation of a Northern English classic meal – egg and chips. Translation: fried eggs … Continue reading Lockdown Larder – Day 6

Lockdown Larder – Day 5

Pasta-free Lasagne Day 5 - Monday We had to light the fire again this morning. Autumn has definitely arrived, and with it, a yearning for one-pot warming dinners. I had several packs of frozen minced (ground) beef in the freezer, and I really wanted to make lasagne, but therein lies a problem. Darling Son doesn't … Continue reading Lockdown Larder – Day 5

Lockdown Larder – Day 4

Day 4 – Chicken Mole It’s a chilly Sunday, and we’ve lit the fire for the first time this autumn. Not surprisingly the cats have claimed sleeping positions in front of it. Dinner needs to be something warming and adventurous. I’m tackling a dish I’ve never made (or eaten!) before. Chicken Mole. While I … Continue reading Lockdown Larder – Day 4